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What is New Thought Marketing?

We're Atlanta Marketing Consultants. But we know that the last thing you need is a 40-page report in your drawer. Instead we develop short, useful "get it and go" marketing plans and budgets to grow your business smart and fast.

We're Senior Level Marketing Specialists. But we don't view marketing as separate from sales (and by the way, your customers don't either). In fact we've often grown clients' companies by serving as their VP of Sales to help them hire, train and manage their sales people.

We're Advertising Experts. But we understand that advertising can't solve every problem. We get to the heart of why your business isn't where you want it to be. Then we focus on the profitable steps (that's plural) to get you there. It may be advertising, sales training, repositioning, all of these or something else entirely.

We're Strategic Thinkers. But we know that planning and strategy is just the first step. Making it happen is what counts. So we roll up our sleeves to provide full service marketing consulting and creative execution from thought to finish.

How we think and what we do makes us different from other marketing consultants in Atlanta and anywhere else. Call us for the marketing and sales road map to take your company where you want to go.

New Thought Marketing is where you grow from here. 

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"Sherean and the team at New Thought Marketing took the time to understand what drives our business and then got in the 'think-tank' with us and strategized. We were able to focus our message and communicate it in a very creative way."

Bernadette DiMauro, Jones Lang LaSalle

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We developed this print ad to promote Jones Lang LaSalle's presence at a recent conference. View other work related to this effort in our portfolio.

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